The #1 Way to Develop Consistent Habits While Having Fun

Habit Tracking just had a baby with Accountability

Independent Habit Tracker
Group Habit Tracker


The First Ever Group Habit Tracker That Allows You To Develop Habits With Your Closest Allies. This Can Be Your Friends, Family, Coworkers, Coaches, Or People That Inspire You.

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Upload Your Habits

Add habits centered around your goals and identify why they are important to you.

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Create Your Allies

Create personal Allies with people who are going to hold you accountable and vice versa!

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Stay Accountable

Rise together with your Allies as everyone commits to completing their habits.

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Hit Your Goals

Start tracking your habits today and feel the difference.


Ubuntu Means “I Am Because We Are.” This Philosophy Has Been The Backbone Of Every Decision We have Made.

Bad habits develop in the dark. Good habits are harder to develop on your own. Find your Ally and watch as you RISE TOGETHER.
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Individual Habit tracker that pairs your habits with your goals.


Enhanced communication platform for you and your Allies.


Receive educational content focused on helping you develop consistent habits.

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Group Habit Tracker that provides greater insight into the daily habits of your Allies. Check in time to see if they completed them or not.


Easily recognize your progress each month with the habit tracking feature.


Add daily notes for each habit to help highlight patterns in your habit journey.


We focused on helping people develop habits. Then we built an app.

Start goal

Start with your Goals

Why are your goals important to you? What is the motivation behind your goals? If you do not create your goals, someone else will.

Create habit

Create Habits specific to your Goal

Break down your goals into small, actionable steps that you can do consistently each week. Clarify what habits are key to making your goals become reality.

Schedule habits

Schedule your Habits

Choose a day and time for you to complete your habit. Studies show you are 87% more likely to complete your habits if you put them on a calendar.


Increase your Accountability

Rise together with people who are going to hold you accountable and vice versa. The journey to accomplishing your goals can be more fun when partnering with an Ally.


Review your Progress

Lastly, review your current data associated with each habit. Identify trends and add Daily Notes to help discover healthy patterns


You have questions. We have answers.

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Download The App

Rise together with your Allies and start tracking your habits today!